Review Policy

*I am currently NOT accepting books for review*

Genres I WILL accept: Children's, Young Adult, New Adult, Chick Lit, Fantasy and Contemporary. 

Genres I WILL NOT accept: Erotica, Christian, Poetry, Self-Help and Autobiographies.

Formats I accept: Print and Digital (MOBI).

Non Review Posts I will happily take part in: Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Giveaways and Author Interviews.

I aim to read every book sent to me within one - three months of receiving it. However, if you have a date you'd like me to read and review by I can try to work with that depending on my schedule.

I will only accept books that have been published within the last six - twelve months. I like to keep my blog up to date with the latest releases

All my reviews are 100% honest. Even if I don't like the book. I give constructive criticism but never bash the book or the the author. Everything I write is my own opinion and may not apply to others.

Reviews will be posted on this blog and Goodreads.

All of my reviews will include - Title, Author, Cover Art, Publisher, Release Date, Page Count, Copy (print, digital etc), Link to Goodreads/Amazon and Star Rating.

When emailing me please do include: Summary of book, cover image, publisher, release date, review post date (if any) and format. Any extra information would also be appreciated.

Please email me at and I will get back to you ASAP.

Please Note: If it seems like you haven't read my review policy when sending me an enquiry email I will not be getting back to you.

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