Review: The Switch Up by Katy Cannon


The Switch Up by Katy Cannon
Published by: Stripes
Released: 13th June 2019
Page Count: 320 Pages
Edition: Kindle
Rating: 4/5 
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I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Drama queen
Fashion guru
Looks like Alice

Allergic to fashion
Looks like Willa

LAX Departure Lounge. Two girls board the same flight to London as complete strangers. When the plane touches down, it’s the beginning of the craziest plan ever. Can Willa and Alice really swap lives for the summer?
Things are going to get complicated...

The first in a fun new series, this summer read is The Parent Trap meets Freaky Friday and is perfect for fans of GEEK GIRL and SUPER AWKWARD.


Alice and Willa may look the same but both girls are completely different. Willa, the daughter of two famous soap stars is a fashionable, confident drama queen. Whereas Alice is booksmart, a careful planner and not worried about fashion. When the two meet on a flight to London from LA, they start to come up with the craziest plan ever, that they swap lives for the summer. With Alice going to Italy and Willa going to London. Will the girls be able to pull this off or are things just about to get very complicated?

First and foremost, this was such a fun read that had me longing for summer and wanting to get away and go on holiday. This was my first trip into a Katy Cannon book and it really didn't disappoint. I was whisked away on this crazy adventure, which let's be honest none of us (even myself at 25) would have the guts to do. Also, as I love the movie Freaky Friday I was instantly hooked in by the premise of this novel.

Yes, the swapping lives trope has been done countless times but I felt that in The Switch Up there was a unique twist. It didn't feel like a copy of anything else and I really did enjoy the whole concept within the book. The plot was easy enough to follow, but was a little bit predictable. However, this didn't deter me from enjoying it.  I absolutely loved the dual POV narrative between Alice and Willa. This was, in my opinion, the best way to tell their story and it was just great to get to know both characters equally. Both girls had totally different personalities and I loved getting into both of their heads. If this was done from a single POV narrative I don't feel like the story would have had as much appeal.

Can we also talk about the settings for a moment? Both were just as gorgeous as the other and I loved being taken to London for one chapter and then Italy the next. As someone who is a big fan of London and who lived there for a while the descriptions of the capital took me back to my time there and I found myself starting to reminisce. It is amazing when a book does that to me and I just adored it. Italy, well I have never been there before but just by reading The Switch Up I know I have to go in the very near future. From the descriptions it sounds beautiful, and I did feel at times like I was there. The descriptions of both settings were very vivid and this just added to the whole vibe of the book.

Alice and Willa were both really interesting characters with equally as intriguing personalities. However, it did take me a while to warm up to Willa. When I first met her I found her to the your typical 'spoiled brat' and I did start to worry if I would like her in the long run. I didn't need to worry, mind you, as as the story progressed I found myself getting to know her more and more and you do start to realise that under the facade is a pretty normal teenage girl. With Alice, well I saw a lot of myself in her. I too am a bookworm and a careful planner and I just related to her a lot despite the age difference. It was a joy to see her come out of her shell throughout the book and have her develop into a more confident young woman. 

The Switch Up was an amusing, beautifully written clean teen read. It, in my opinion, is the perfect book to accompany you on your summer holiday this year or if you aren't going on holiday it is the perfect book to chill out with in your garden on a sunny day.

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  1. Excellent review!
    I really enjoyed The Switch Up too, I thought it was pretty perfect for summer, and such fun to read.
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