Review - The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin' Wobbin by Tony Rocca (Blog Tour)

The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin' Wobbin by Tony Rocca
Published by: Clink Street Publishing
Released: 30th April 2019
Page Count: 182 Pages
Edition: Paperback
Rating: 3.5/5  
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received this book free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Faye at Authoright for giving me the chance to take part in this blog tour.

Meet Robin, or rather, Wobin: a metal garden ornament transported from England to the beautiful French Riviera. He's lonely and can't speak French. Neither can he fly, which is a bit unfortunate for a bird. This is his story about learning to fly and being brave.


Wobin is a mental garden ornament made by an old polish man, living in London. After an unfortunate accident, Wobin is taken to the Chelsea Flower show and soon after whisked away to the French Riviera. Wobin is lonely and unable to speak french. He's also unable to fly, which is rather unusual for a bird, especially a robin. With the help of some friendly fellow birds, Wobin is soon taken on some amazing adventures, whilst learning to fly and learning to be brave.

This was such a cute, sweet, touching read that really brings home the idea of being true to yourself and ultimately giving yourself some self love, even when times get rough. I found myself smiling throughout reading and when I finished I was full of joy. It is truly lovely and as someone who doesn't read many books focusing on an animal as the main character it was a breath of fresh air.

The plot really does take you on one epic adventure with Wobin and his friends. You get to discover and experience many places throughout the French Riveria. You'll get taken on a journey from London to Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo, all while cheering on Wobin to become the best Robin he can be. This brings me on nicely to the setting, it was perfect! Having been to the French Riveria (or the south of France) a few times it brought back beautiful memories. The historical elements within the story too, were brilliant, and mentioned in a way that could be seen as fun to children. It's made me want to go back to the South of France. 

Wobin, oh he was a delightful character who had me rooting for him from the very beginning. He goes from a shy, lonely, slightly scared bird to confident, brave and willing to embrace his differences. He learns to accept himself for who he is and sets himself free from any ties he had. I know he is just a bird, but his character development, in my eyes was greatly done.

The only negative I have, however, is that I wanted more scenes showing the relationship between Wobin and Mister Jakub, his creator. I feel like that part was slightly glossed over and I would have enjoyed seeing some interaction between the two, especially just before the accident. This is only a minor thing, though and doesn't interfere with the story as a whole.

The Amazing Adventures of Wobblin' Wobin was a pleasure to read. It really did bring me some happiness and I know that young children are going to love this pleasant little tale of one very brave Robin.

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