Book Review Round Up #1 (Blogtober Day 20)


Today I am going to doing something a little different which I hope to do on a monthly basis from now on. That is do a book review roundup. I have seen this on other book blogs and I feel that it's a good way to share reviews that some people may not have seen.

For this segment I am going to be sharing reviews from August, September and part of October. This series is one that I am really excited about continuing.

Have you read any of the books featured? If so what did you think?

- The Island by M.A Bennett (Reviewed August 2018)

- Vox by Christina Dalcher (Reviewed August 2018)

- Killer T by Robert Muchamore (Reviewed September 2018)

- The Gilded King by Josie Jaffrey (Reviewed September 2018)

- I Invited Her In by Adele Parks (Reviewed September 2018)

- How We Remember by J.M. Monaco (Reviewed September 2018)

- The Snow Witch by Rosie Boyes (Reviewed October 2018)


- The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge (Reviewed October 2018)


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