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It's got to that time again where I post a few mini reviews of books I have read recently. The books I'm going to be mentioning are ones that I have read between June - August so pretty recent.

What books have you read recently that you have loved? Do you do mini reviews? I'd love to read them.

This is the story of a powerful, unlikely friendship between Holly and Ed, who both find happiness through the sport of swimming. Over the course of one summer we get to see the pair grow closer all while dealing with their own problems at home and in other aspects of their lives. This was such a touching, adorable read that had me grinning from ear to ear. The blossoming romance between Holly and Ed was your typical first time awkward but cute kind of romance. I liked how it wasn’t ‘insta-love’ and you got to see it grow gradually over time. It was just so beautifully written and one scene in particular had my heart leaping with joy. Despite the cutesy feel, there are some quite dark underlying themes to the book. These include hoarding, depression and domestic violence; all of which are handled exceptionally well. Nothing is glamorised and it feels so real when you’re reading. I admire Rachael for this and for writing about topics that aren’t spoken about often in YA. My Box-Shaped Heart was overall an easy, inspiring, uplifting, adorable read about the importance of family, friendship and finding your own happily ever after. A perfect read for summer. 

Wow! What a powerful, thought provoking, brutally honest book! I was captivated from the very beginning and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the page – meaning I finished this read in just one day. It was so raw and real and I did feel myself becoming emotionally drained. My eyes and mind were certainly opened to issues that are happening right now and I felt myself becoming extremely educated on topics that I didn’t know anything about beforehand. As well as racism it also tackles issues such as police brutality, sexism and toxic masculinity. All of which are dealt with in an amazing way. Justyce as a character felt so real and yes, he had flaws but this made him so much more relatable. I also felt that it was so important that he was a male, teenage POC. Male protagonists in YA are very rare, even more male POC. I am hoping Dear Martin will encourage more writers of YA to go down this route. Dear Martin was an extremely powerful read that opens your eyes to real life issues around the topic of racial inequality. It’s a book that I feel everyone will learn something from if they go into it with an open mind. 

Straight from the off I felt instantly transported into the world of theatre. Maggie’s writing was so vivid that it almost felt like I was there; touching the props, sensing excitement and working alongside the team of backstage crew and actors. A magical feeling indeed. Carrying on from that, despite having gone to watch theatre productions I knew nothing about all the work that went into one before opening night and this opened my eyes to it. A lot of research must have been done prior to writing and it definitely shows. Hope was a character who I liked from the start and her character development was next to none. I loved how she went from having almost zero self-confidence at the start to a confident young woman towards the end. She was such a joy to read and my love for her grew and grew through each page. Theatrical is a beautifully, written novel about family, love and friendship all set within the magical setting of the theatre; an absolute pleasure to read. If you love all things to do with the theatre this is the book for you.

First of all lets just say that I now know why this book won the YA Book Prize, it was OUTSTANDING! The before and after element of the book really interested me and because of this I got to form bonds with all characters. Although I did like the 'after' parts just a little bit more. I really enjoyed discovering all about Moonbeam and her struggles to come to terms with what had happened. She was just an amazing, strong protagonist and I just loved her bravery. The writing style within After The Fire was vivid and straight to the point. Will Hill certainly didn't mess around when writing this one. This was the first book I'd read that featured the topic of cults and although the cult Moonbeam was in was fictional I can definitely imagine something like this happening in real life. I am just in awe of this book and I encourage you all to pick it up and read it.


  1. Mini reviews are such an excellent idea, I love reading them.
    I'm glad you enjoyed After the Fire, I thought it was outstanding too.
    Cora |

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah I find them just as good as long reviews sometimes :)


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