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Hi there. Hope you are all having a wonderful week full of reading of course.

As you know I wrote a post last week about my 2018 Bookish Goals and one of them was to blog more and get a schedule up and running. I want to make Amy's Bookish Life the best it can be and having a blog schedule will be one to do that. 

So, I thought I would share that with you today so you know what to expect on what days. 

Do you have a blog schedule? If so does it help?

Amy's Bookish Life 2018 Blog Schedule

Monday: It's Monday! What are you reading? - I have been doing this for a while now so why change it? I will be sharing what I have recently read, what I am currently reading and what I'm reading next. 

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Tuesday is also something that I used to do every week but forgot about towards the end of 2017. I used to really enjoy doing them and looking through others. This will be back with a vengeance. 

Wednesday: Book Review - Wednesday's will be the day where I post reviews. These will most usually be reviews of ARC's and books I have recently read. I have decided that I won't be reviewing every single book I read fully.

Thursday: Day Off - This will be a day where I don't post anything. We all need a few days off right?

Friday: Miscellaneous Post - On Friday's I will be posting..well whatever I feel like. This could be tags, personal posts, mini reviews or anything else. 

Saturday: Day Off - another day off. I don't want to bog my blog down with too many posts each week.

Sunday: Sunday Post/Weekly Wrap Up - Just a round up of my week. This will include what I've been up to, books I've read, books I've received etc. 

I am hoping this schedule will be the same over the year but if anything changes I'll talk about it in a post.

Bye for now!

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