It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #18


Hosted by The Book DateIt's Monday! What Are You Reading? Is a weekly meme where you share what you have recently read, what you are currently reading and what is up next on your TBR list. 

Hope you all had a wonderful week last week. My reading choice last week was quite disappointing but I'll get over it. As always leave comments telling me what you are reading this week and we can maybe get a big discussion going?

Read Last Week

I started reading Swing Time last week and I was really looking forward it. However, I found it really hard to get into and my attention was lacking when I did try to read it. Unfortunately I had to put it down and stop. It's horrible when you have to stop reading a book halfway through but I just couldn't get on with it. 

Currently Reading

I'm not far into The Things We Learn When We're Dead but I am really enjoying it. It's so quirky and unique and it's had me laughing already. Can already tell it's going to be a favourite of mine. I'll have a review up in the next few days.

Up Next

I'm not usually a big fan of celebrities trying to get into fiction writing. Yet, as soon as I read the synopsis for Mirror Mirror I knew I had to read it. I was lucky enough to be sent an E-ARC of the book and I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into it.

Have a great week everyone and happy reading!


  1. It is hard to quit a book halfway but sometimes it is necessary. Reading should be enjoyable - not work. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. Swing Time was not my favorite Zadie Smith novel either. Have you read her other books?

    Happy reading!

  3. I haven’t and i’m not sure if I want to if Swing Time is anything to go by :(

  4. I hate giving up on a book, but there are too many great ones out there to spend our limited reading time on abook we are enjoying. Girl Who Reads


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