Stacking the Shelves #1


Hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme where you share what books you are adding to your shelves be they physical or digital, books you've borrowed, review books etc. I did used to take part in this meme so I'm excited to be taking part again. Here are the books I have received this week...

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I have wanted to read a novel written by Neil Gaiman for some time now so was really pleased to be able to pick up American Gods at work. It's totally different to what I would usually read but the blurb intrigued me and plus I have heard good things about it from many people. I started it a few days ago and at the moment it looks like its setting out to be a really unique, captivating read. I will keep you updated on my thoughts.

Anxiety for Beginners by Eleanor Morgan

As someone who suffers from anxiety I was drawn to this book straight away. I'm not a big fan of non fiction but due to my personal experiences with the subject matter I knew I had to read it. I'm hoping this book brings to light the hardships of anxiety and how it's a battle to control it everyday. It will also be good to read about someone else's experience with the disorder. Really looking forward to this one. 

All Things New by Lauren Miller
Review Book

As you may know I am a big love of Young Adult Fiction and am constantly on the lookout for new YA authors to read. I came across All Things New on Netgalley and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to request it and luckily I got approved. At the moment it seems to me that it's going to be about a girl with mental health issues struggling to cope but I shall soon see. The book isn't released until August so I won't be reading it until just before then but I am looking forward to it.

Dream Me by Kathryn Berla
Review Book

This is another YA book that I requested and got approved for on Netgalley. The cover for this one drew me in the most and the description was unique. This is all about finding someone in your dreams but not being able to find them in reality. It also asks the question - can a dream become a reality? I'm interested in getting stuck in with this one as it seems like it has a really unique concept which I'm looking forward to exploring.

See you all next Saturday for another Stacking the Shelves.

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