Top Ten Tuesday : Gifts for Bookworms


Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is a holiday gift guide freebie. So, I thought I would share gift ideas for the book lover in your life. It's perfect, especially as Christmas is just around the corner!

1) Books: This is pretty obvious, but every bookworm needs more books for their shelves. Just make sure you know what kind of books they like or you'll be in trouble.

2) Candles: I love having a candle lit when I'm reading and I'm sure I'm not the only one. As its the festive seasons there are a lot of candles out there with christmassy smells such as cinnamon, apple etc that a lot of book lovers would enjoy!

3) Bookmarks: How else are they going to make their pages when reading? 

4) Mugs: Who doesn't love a good cup of tea or coffee when reading a good book? Having a great mug just adds to the experience.

5) Notebooks: Chances are someone who reads may also like to write so what better present than a notebook? Perfect for writing down to read lists, books to buy and maybe even a story or two.

6) Book Related Jewellery: You can get a lot of book related jewellery online these days which is perfect if you love books! Sites like Etsy have such vast collections that you will certainly be able to find something.

7) Giftcard for a bookstore: That way they can spend it on their must have books at that time and you'll feel great about helping them.

8) Snacks (Chocolates etc): Sometimes there's nothing like a good snack to eat whilst reading. Your bookworm will love it.

9) Blankets: Especially for this time of year. Snuggling under a nice fluffy blanket and reading a book is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

10) Book to film adaptations: This is only true in some cases, but it is good to be able to watch the story world you love come to life on the big or small screen.


  1. Great choices. I love to receive Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards. Just being able to splurge on books is an awesome feeling.

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