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I love stationary and I certainly love buying it! Although I have had to restrain myself recently. My favourite place to buy/look at it is a store called Paperchase (I think they are only UK based). I could spend hours wandering around in there looking at everything. It's a bit of an obsession! I have a loyalty card there and as it was my birthday a few weeks ago Paperchase kindly put £5 onto my card for me to spend in store. I was really excited about this and went into store as soon as I could. I was browsing when I came across a Blogger's Journal. As a blogger I was obviously intrigued and after looking at it I knew I had to get it! The Journal itself was £15, but I got £5 off so I only paid £10. It may seem quite steep to some people but I knew how much it was going to help me. As, I must admit I have been slacking with posts lately. So I'm hoping it helps me become more organised with regards to what I post and when. It's also really pretty which is a plus!

The first pages in the journal are monthly/yearly planners of what you want to achieve with your blog over the month. This includes writing down an action plan and a mission/goal of what you want to happen. This is really good as I will be able to tick off what I've done and also it will be great to look back and see if I actually achieved what I wanted to achieve. 

Then you have the monthly calendar type planner. This layout reminds me of a bullet journal, although just slightly. I have the months June - May in this journal so I will just need to go back to the start next June. I will probably just write down scheduled posts onto this section and tick off as I post them. I also love how it has a social media section at the bottom so you can keep track of followers etc

Now you come to the weekly blog planner. This will be where I write more in depth about what I want to post and what I want to achieve over the week. I will more than likely get a bullet list system going. It's also good that there's a 'Don't Forget' box for each day. I will definitely be needing that. 

This is the section that I think I love the most - new post ideas. I am always coming up with post ideas but often forget them as I haven't written them down so this section will be a godsend to me! It has a section for the idea, what you will need and a ticklist of what you have done for it and where you have posted/advertised it. There are also circles where you can tick each thing off. I think this will be the section that I use the most. I just love the idea of it.

This is the section which I don't think I will use much, well certainly not at the moment. It's all about your blogs income and expenses. I know some blogs do make money but I actually don't. I just do it as I love books and want to spread the word. However, I can see how useful it would be for some people to keep track of what money they have coming in and out. 

I'm really looking forward to using my Blogger's Journal to the best of my ability. Here's to hoping that it helps me come up with a plan and helps me stay on track with regards to Amy's Bookish Life. I will keep you posted!

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