Review: EVO Nation by K.J. Chapman


EVO Nation by K.J. Chapman
Published by K.J. Chapman 2015 (E-Book)
289 Pages

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The government tortures her, her own kind use her, and she is learning the true meaning of ulterior motives. Teddie Leason has been dragged into the festering underbelly of the secretive world of EVO; a world about to be blown wide apart. 

EVO are the next link in evolution, but with that title come the dangers of capture, torture, and experimentation. And with that threat come the need to survive, and a breed of EVO who are set to not only thrive, but rule. 

Teddie has the fate of the EVO and Non-EVO world resting on her shoulders, and now, the reclusive teenager who couldn’t get upset without her unruly ability causing destruction, has to somehow embrace her gift to save her new friends and her new love. 

Will the actions of one man fuel a suppressed, supremacist cult’s desire for war and vengeance, or will Teddie be strong enough to stop him? Should she stop him?


I do love a good dystopian/fantasy/sci fi read so when the author contacted me asking me if I'd be interested in reading EVO Nation I jumped at the chance! I had a feeling that this book was going to be right up my street and I really couldn't wait to get stuck into this new world.

Teddie Leason is a teenager with telekeinetic ablitlies, meaning she can move things with her mind. People like her are known as EVO's or evolved humans, the next step in mankind. The goverment feel threatened by EVO's like Teddie. After trying and failing to run from the government she is brought to a secret facility where other EVO's like herself are researched and in some cases killed if they aren't useful. It's a prison like envrioment and soon Teddie and her new friends plan an escape, only to end up in a place for pro-EVO's, some of whom are planning a war against Norms or non-EVO's. Teddie caught up in the middle must do whatever she can to save the people she loves. 

What I loved about this book was the plot twists. There were twists at literally every turn. At times when I thought something specific was going to happen it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was the same with characters - I started trusting a certain character and then a few chapters in I'd find out that they weren't who I thought they were, blowing my trust into little pieces. It really did keep me on my toes throughout reading and there were moments when I just gasped in disbelief as I wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did. It had my heart racing and pounding with all the twists.

What I also found really interesting was the concept behind the story and the world that was created. It was a really original idea and I found myself wanting to learn more about the EVO's and their abilities. How did they get them? How did they come about? Was it passed down to them? I loved the world of the EVO's and loved how some of their story was set in UK. I don't think I've ever read a book of this type that has been set in my home country before so it was a breath of fresh air. 

Teddie as a character was a great heroine. I found her to be strong willed, determined and willing to fight for herself and the people she loves. I loved her attitude from the moment I was introduced to her and she grew on me by each page I read. Despite this, I did find her relationship with Adam to be slightly rushed for my liking. I found the fact that they were already confessing their love for each other a few days after knowing each other a little bit unbelievable. I didn't let this cloud my judgement on her as an individual character however. 

EVO Nation was a really interesting read packed full of plot twists, excitement and thrills. My emotions were all over the place when reading and I didn't mind that. The world that K.J. Chapman has created is incredibly unique and I can't wait to crack on and get reading the sequel.


Author Bio

K.J.Chapman is an avid tea drinker, writer, blogger, book lover, Whovian, and author of the EVO Nation Series. 

Born and raised in Cornwall, England, and with an accent to match, K.J.Chapman is a self-proclaimed fan girl and geek; a lover of everything science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. 

If she is not working on her EVO Nation series, she is blogging on various subjects that peak her interest. Most prominently, she posts musings, tips, advice, and journals of her writing and reading experiences. Chapman is a keen book reviewer, beta reader, and ARC reviewer. You can find all reviews on her blog.



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