Review: Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon


Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon
Published by Hodder & Stoughton 2016
368 Pages

Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

Polly Vernon, Grazia columnist, Times feature writer (hair-flicker, Brazilian-waxer, jeans obsessive, outrageous flirt) presents a brave new perspective on feminism.

Drawing on her dedicated, life-long pursuit of hotness - having dismissed many of the rules on 'good' feminism at some point in the early 90s - she'll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about being a feminist when you care about how you look. When part of your brain is constantly monologuing on fashion. When you check out your own reflection in every reflective surface. When your dilapidation practices are pretty much out of control. When you just really want to be fancied.

Hot Feminist is based on a principle of non-judgement (because there's enough already), honesty about how often we mess this up, and empowerment through looks. Part memoir, part road map, it's a rolling, raucous rejection of all those things we're convinced we shouldn't think / wear/ feel/ say/ buy/ want - and a celebration of all the things we can.

It is modern feminism, with style, without 


Modern day feminism is a topic that I am slowly becoming interested in after hearing a lot about it in today's media. I'm all for women's rights and after reading How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran last year I was ready to read another book about this interesting topic which is still very new to me.

I'm going to admit, firstly, that before reading this book I'd never heard of Polly Vernon, but was rather interested in reading her views on what she calls 'Hot Feminism'. Hot Feminism according to Polly is how you can still be feminist even though you care about how you look. You can be into fashion, get waxed, check your reflection 24 hours a day, want to be fancied and want to impress men and still be a feminist. Being someone that is somewhat vain, I thought I would be able to relate, but I was slightly wrong.

I thought I was going to be getting thoughts and feelings about Hot Feminism, however what I got was a tacky version of a self help book. I felt Polly to be quite demanding throughout and it was like she was telling us what she wanted us to do. I thought feminism was about being able to express yourself and standing up for what you believe in? Not this version of telling people what to do. I also felt like she rambled on for quite a bit about things that I believe had nothing to do with the feminist image she was trying to portray. 

Despite this there were a few aspects that I agreed with such as equal pay for women, tougher sentences for rape/sexual assaults and saying no. But that's as far as I got. I didn't really take anything away from this book at all, and I definitely didn't find out a lot about the modern day feminism that I was expecting. 

Overall I really didn't enjoy this book. I didn't learn anything from it and I certainly won't be looking up Polly Vernon again. If you want a decent book about modern day feminism I would suggest reading How To Be A Woman.




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